Teeth Storytime

Teeth Storytime January 21, 2009


Early Literacy Skill: Print Motivation: The interest in and enjoyment of books and reading.  1 of the 6 early literacy skills that researchers say is important for the children to know before they learn to read.  Print Motivation is an easy skill to master – just show your enthusiasm about reading.  When children see your excitement they too will learn the enjoyment of books and reading.


Opening: The More we get together


Sharing Time:

            Tell them about the theme – Teeth

Ask if they have anything to share (optional)


Song: Brush our Teeth


Action Rhyme: My Toothbrush


Action Rhyme: Wiggles


Book: Does a Lion Brush? – Fred Ehrlich   


Finger Play: Five Little Germs


Song: My Dentist (echo)


Book: Parts – Tedd Arnold


Action Rhyme: Brushing Teeth


Song: Brush Brush Brush your teeth


Book: Tabitha’s Terrifically Tough Tooth – Charlotte Middleton


Action Rhyme: Dentist


CD: Jim Gill


Craft: Tooth Fairy Wands





The More We Get Together

The more we get together, together, together.

The more we get together the happier we’ll be.

For your friends are my friends,

and my friends are your friends.

The more we get together the happier we’ll be.



Brush our Teeth (mulberry bush)

This is the way we brush our teeth

brush our teeth, brush our teeth

This is the way we brush our teeth

so early in the morning.


My Dentist (Frere Jacques – done as an Echo song)

My Dentist, repeat

Always Tells me, repeat

Brush your teeth, repeat

Twice a day. Repeat


Always Floss, repeat

Every day. Repeat

Keep your teeth healthy. repeat

Your smile is great! Repeat


Brush, brush, brush your Teeth

(Row, row, row your Boat)
Brush, brush, brush your teeth.
At least two times a day.
Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning,
Fighting tooth decay.


Floss, floss,floss your teeth.
Every single day.
Gently, gently, gently,gently,
Whisking Plaque away.

Rinse, rinse, rinse your teeth
Every single day.
Swishing, swishing, swishing, swishing,
Fighting tooth decay.


Rhymes and Fingerplays



A wiggle wiggle here,

A wiggle wiggle there,

Wiggle your hands up in the air.

Wiggle your shoulders,

Wiggle your hips,

Wiggle your knees,

And move your lips.

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle.

And wiggle some more –

And now lets sit down on the floor.


My Toothbrush
I have a little toothbrush
I hold it very tight
I brush my teeth each morning,
And then again at night


Five Little Germs

Five little germs went out to play,

In a child’s mouth one day,

It had so much fun inside,

Until we flossed and then one died.




No little germs are in my mouth,

Because I went and flossed them out

Now when the dentist looks inside

No little germs are left to hide.


Brushing Teeth

Up and down and round and round.

I brush my teeth to keep them sound;

To keep them sound and clean and white

I brush them morning, noon and night.


If I were a dentist,
I know what I would do.  (Point to self.)
I’d tell all the children, “Brush your teeth.” (Imitate brushing teeth.)
“Keep a smile like new.” (Make a big smile and point to lips.)
And if a tiny hole should show,
I’d say, “Climb into my chair.”
I’d make my little drill go buzzzzzzzzzz, (Make circle with fingers.)
And put a filling there! (Point to teeth.)






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